SEO vs. Google Ads: Advantages and disadvantages of each one

SEO vs. Google Ads: Advantages and disadvantages of each one

Google Ads and SEO positioning have very different characteristics but complement each other. Google Ads are the sponsored ads that appear at the top and bottom of the SERPs, while SEO refers to organic search results that do not contain paid advertising. 

We’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each to give you an idea of how they complement each other when employed in a good SEO strategy.


Advantages of a Google Ads campaign:

1.  No minimum investment is required.

2.  Short term results that will ensure the first positions in SERP.

3.  You can make changes quickly.


Disadvantages of Google Ads:

1.  Once you stop paying, you disappear from the first positions as well as from the sponsored banners.

2.  You need a considerable investment to see optimal results.

3.  You need constant optimisation.


Advantages of SEO positioning:

1.  Although it is a long-term job, you will have a guaranteed presence over time.

2.  Quality traffic, as they came to you looking for something specific that they know they will get. 

3.  By having qualified visitors or visitors with buying potential, they start to receive requests for quotes, newsletter subscribers, among others. 


Disadvantages of SEO positioning:

1.  Doing SEO and getting results takes time.

2.  It requires a significant investment of time. 

3.  It needs constant maintenance to see the evolution and to be able to redirect if necessary. 


Knowing the pros and cons of both, you are probably wondering which one to start with. The answer is simple because it depends on the needs of your company or business. If you need to be in the first position in the search results tomorrow, your option will be a Google Ads campaign, if your strategy is stable and long term, SEO is ideal for you.  Although both compliment each other perfectly under a positioning strategy designed by a professional in the field.